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Welcome To Our Wizard101 Crown Generator
- Warning: Use only once a day per account to avoid flagging suspicions -


Step 1: Enter your Wizard101 Username!
Step 2: Select amount of Crowns and Golds to generate!
Step 3: Click on the "GENERATE NOW" button below.

Using our Wizard101 Crown Generator you will be able to add unlimited Crowns and Golds to your account!

The great part is that you don't need to download anything and all you have to do is follow a very simple instruction which is stated above. Open our site, enter your username, select amount of Crowns and Coins then click on the "GENERATE NOW" button.

Then wait for the generator to complete it's magic, go back to wizard101 and restart your account and see the generated resources to your account

Recent Comments

Michael: I don't know how did you make it work but all I can say is your fucking awesome dude!!! The using once a day per account idea is genius to make my account safe!

- Princess Pink -: Before I had to pay for them with real life money on their website. But now that I have this, I don't need to spend more. Damn you kingisle!

JIMBO360: This really did work! It has helped me out so much! I've been looking for ways to get a membership for a long time. The game is pretty much unplayable when you reach certain levels. Thank you so much!. . Hugs. . /from Sweden

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