About Us

About Us

OnlineGameCheats.Net Team

We are a group of avid gamers at the same time coders who decide to take a game experience to the next level. Every game in the world has a loophole and we are taking advantage of it by exploiting it and creating bots.

Why we are creating this game cheats/hacks?

We believe that cheating a game is more fun and thrilling.

Why share our bots for free? We can easily charge for it!

We believe in the concept of free to play but games especially MMO are not really free to play. Most of this free to play MMO does have a shop that “Charge” a certain amount if you want to purchase something to make your character stronger and we are against that. Those who are lucky and born in a rich family always gets ahead of us that don’t have any money to spend in the game. WE FEEL YOU!!!

Most of us here in OnlineGameCheats Team are the same as you were before we created this bots. That’s why we don’t intend to sell this because we know the feeling. That’s also why as you can see, most of our bots are focus on giving free golds. But you are free to “DONATE” to us if you feel that we are doing a great job.



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