Car Town Hack Get Activation Code

Car Town Hack Get Activation Code

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Due to the “Massive Downloads” of our BOT, we decided to limit the users by giving “Activation Code” to those only who are like us, really passionate of Cheating Online Games.

Why Did We Decide to Limit the Number of Users?

Reason #1: We will not lie to you, we do get something everytime someone downloads an activation code. Again we will not lie to you, hosting and servers of our BOT do cost us something. And IT DOES NOT COME CHEAP! Everytime there’s a new user of our bot, server cost also rises. That’s why we think it’s sensible to ask our users a little help to cover this expenses. This way we can keep all BOTS in our site free. If we will not do this, we may start charging monthly subscription fees or worst, just stop updating this BOTS. Besides this offer would not cost you a cent! Completing an offer would literally just take you a minute. If you would not like to help us, then we also don’t like to help you gaining advantage to the game by using our BOT!

Reason #2: This is also to prevent illegal distribution of our BOT. We are getting email complains stating our BOT does come with a virus and then finding out that they didn’t download from the official site OnlineGameCheats.Net. That’s why don’t download from other sources. We can’t control what every users do with our bot. This way, we can limit cases like this. And, always update your antivirus program.

Reason #3: As the day pass by, it’s getting harder and harder for us to keep this BOT maintained and working. This is due to the massive downloads we are getting everyday. It’s impossible for us to maintain this BOT working if it is always got easily caught by game ‘ADMINS’ and ‘MODS’ because everybody is already using it.

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Watch The Video Below to See That It Will Only Take You “2 MINUTES” To Get Your Activation Code!


  1. Darn Surveys finally managed to pass it and for the generator I used it and it works as shown (thank you for that)

    • Because we only got a lot of request for coins and points hack and not for the xp hack. Don’t worry we will be looking at this and hopefully we can find a loophole to make a xp hack.

      Happy Cheating, OGT Team

    • It’s not actually that hard if you know what you are doing. 😀

      Happy Cheating, OGC Team

  2. i tried a lot of cheat tools for cartown and this one worked fine to get me all cars i wanted and blue points !!!. .

    • HmMm… Nope… We already created you a hack all you have to do is click a button lol!

      Happy Cheating, OGC Team

  3. I’ve been looking for a working hack for so long lol! thank you for sharing.

  4. Thank you zzTEAMOGCzz it DOES work just poeple mess up and stuff or they cant figure it out. please make a video of this and tagg this video in it if it worked for you. AND SHOW YOU DOING IT!

    • You won’t get blocked or banned if you will just use this wisely. I think we don’t need to teach you how to use this wisely, just use your common sense.

      Happy Cheating, OGC Team

  5. Nice one this was definitely worth several minutes of my time!

  6. Does it? really works???? no viruses for downloading????? please answer me. thx

    • We already included a virustotal result if you are having doubt that this may come with a virus. But to be perfectly sure, I suggest after downloading, scan it first with your Anti Virus program before opening the Bot.

      Happy Cheating, OGC Team