Getting Your Activation Codes Guidelines:

Getting Your Activation Codes Guidelines:

1. Locker doesn’t show when “Download Button” is clicked?

– Close this site. Clear your cookies and then try again. Also try using different browser.

2. No offers available?

– When no offers are available when you click the “Download Button”, use “Mirror 1” or “Mirror 2”.

3. Locker doesn’t unlock even when I completed an offer? (Rarely happen)

– This means that you are not eligible for that offer. Don’t redo that offer as you will just wasting your time.  The locker will still not unlock as it already detects that you are not eligible for that offer. Just choose another offer or if there’s no offer available, use “Mirror 1” or “Mirror 2”.

4. I did every possible way to get my activation code but the locker doesn’t unlock?

– If you are in this situation, it is time for you to contact us. Make sure that you already do every way possible of getting your activation code before contacting us or else, your email will be ignored. This includes you already tried to use all 3 links.

Email Us At: (Make sure your concern is about activation code when you email us at this address. Else your email will be ignored)


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