League of Legends Bonus Adder Get Activation Code

League of Legends Bonus Adder Get Activation Code

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Reason #1: We will not lie to you, we do get something everytime someone downloads an activation code. Again we will not lie to you, hosting and servers of our BOT do cost us something. And IT DOES NOT COME CHEAP! Everytime there’s a new user of our bot, server cost also rises. That’s why we think it’s sensible to ask our users a little help to cover this expenses. This way we can keep all BOTS in our site free. If we will not do this, we may start charging monthly subscription fees or worst, just stop updating this BOTS. Besides this offer would not cost you a cent! Completing an offer would literally just take you a minute. If you would not like to help us, then we also don’t like to help you gaining advantage to the game by using our BOT!

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  1. I’m glad I went through the trouble of doing the survey because this actually works!

  2. Omg thank you so much for showing me this site now I can get riot points without a credit card!

  3. legit generator mate why haven’t i seen this riotpoint generator before i bought them lol.

  4. thank you very much helped me out of endless playing of LoL :). now i get my heimer alien skin? :) thanks again :))

  5. Sweet thanks for this man. Can’t believe that I finally found a way to get Riot Points.

    • The reason is stated above. Please read that. As we stated there: “If you don’t to help us by lending us 2min. of your time, we also don’t want to help you by gaining advantage to the game using our bot.

      Happy Cheating, Team OGC

  6. This works guys! I’m getting heaps of riot points from here. Mainly works if you are in US though but other countries won’t earn as much riot points 😛

  7. Awesome Riot Points generator! Helped me out getting a couple champions I wanted. Thanks

  8. league of legends will get pissed off i guess ;d

  9. Wow man I didn’t think I would ever find an undetected and working RP hack

  10. seriously thought it didn’t work yesterday so deleted it but come back today and looks like points have been added!! bloody deleted it didn’t It

  11. I just want to make a short review. First of all thank you for free hack. It really works but I had to add riot points few times to finish adding succesfull but everithing else is good. :)

  12. Darn Surveys finally managed to pass it and for the generator I used it and it works as shown (thank you for that)

  13. is this trustable cause i don’t want too get my computer hacked if i download this

    • Tip for you: Always scan any kind of software you download from the internet by your Anti Virus Program.

      Happy Cheating, Team OGC

  14. I’m quite suprised this hasn’t blown up yet. If I’m correct it’s the only working generator for Riot Points now.

  15. this is sweeet so many riot points!! :) can I really use this when ever I want or do you know how long this will work for?

    • As for safety of your account, we only advice to use this Bot once a day per account. But it’s all up to you how you will use this Bot. This Bot will work as long as were working on it. The only time will stop working is when we abandoned it.

      Happy Cheating, Team OGC

  16. I really needed alot of influence points so thanx for this alot

  17. I’ve been looking for a working hack for so long lol! thank you for sharing.

  18. All the other Free Riot Points Generators are fake as fuck thanks for making a real one!!

  19. oh boy for how long I have been waiting for a generators that works. here it is!!!! THANK YOU

  20. Can’t believe i didn’t try this earlier i saw your video a couple of weeks ago but i was too lazy to download it lol. . Anyways thanks for the Riot Points.

  21. wooooooooooooooooow thanks dude i just started today and started hacking…haha yea ima true player:p

  22. Wooow I never belived that I could find a riot points hack that actually works. I just want to say a big THANK YOU!

  23. you’re so noob that you can’t do nothing else than cheat to win?? Play loyal game it’s stupid and we can catch you with lolreplay when you’re cheating..

    • Your wrong. We do not do this to win the game, we do this to ENJOY THE GAME!!! Anyway thanks for your comment and thanks for dropping by.

      Happy Cheating, Team OGC

  24. I recommend everyone to get this Riot Points generator while it still works!

    • As of now no they can’t. We haven’t yet receive any report from the users of this that they got banned from using this. Well of course it will also depend on your if you will get caught using this or not. Tip: Don’t be too greedy!

      Happy Cheating, Team OGC

  25. This is unbelievable it works omg. Thank you so much for this free riot points!!

  26. Best league of legend riot points generator !! yeaaaaahh ! Keep publishing this kinda stuff !!!

  27. took a bit to get working but it worked out in the end. got my riot points!

  28. I got the generator and its working fine too but would have been much happier if you would have removed those surveys

  29. u made my weekend sir i searched for hours and finally found a legit riot point generator.

    • Yes. As long as there are still available “Activation Code” to download, anyone can use this.

      Happy Cheating, Team OGC