Wild Ones Hack – Cheat Tool Get Activation Code

Wild Ones Hack – Cheat Tool Get Activation Code

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Due to the “Massive Downloads” of our BOT, we decided to limit the users by giving “Activation Code” to those only who are like us, really passionate of Cheating Online Games.

Why Did We Decide to Limit the Number of Users?

Reason #1: We will not lie to you, we do get something everytime someone downloads an activation code. Again we will not lie to you, hosting and servers of our BOT do cost us something. And IT DOES NOT COME CHEAP! Everytime there’s a new user of our bot, server cost also rises. That’s why we think it’s sensible to ask our users a little help to cover this expenses. This way we can keep all BOTS in our site free. If we will not do this, we may start charging monthly subscription fees or worst, just stop updating this BOTS. Besides this offer would not cost you a cent! Completing an offer would literally just take you a minute. If you would not like to help us, then we also don’t like to help you gaining advantage to the game by using our BOT!

Reason #2: This is also to prevent illegal distribution of our BOT. We are getting email complains stating our BOT does come with a virus and then finding out that they didn’t download from the official site OnlineGameCheats.Net. That’s why don’t download from other sources. We can’t control what every users do with our bot. This way, we can limit cases like this. And, always update your antivirus program.

Reason #3: As the day pass by, it’s getting harder and harder for us to keep this BOT maintained and working. This is due to the massive downloads we are getting everyday. It’s impossible for us to maintain this BOT working if it is always got easily caught by game ‘ADMINS’ and ‘MODS’ because everybody is already using it.

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  1. I looked for wild ones hack for a long time. I was sure that I don’t find working hack because it isn’t exist. I was wrong. This hack tool works fine.

  2. thNxxx dude i am able to hack it . now pls make more hack for wild ones pls DIS IS an EARNEST REQUEST PLS

    • Can you also please suggest what kind of “More Hack” do you need for wild ones?

      Happy Cheating, OGC Team

  3. Thanks. I looked for working wild ones hack for months. This is only working method.

  4. Everything works fine! The Hack is real and working! Thanks for sharing that file with others! i generate many treats with this hack nice share dude!

  5. This cheat tool still works for me. I’m delighted that you make this useful hack for us.

  6. a noob.. >.< cheaters are always noob hehe,….buut im saying nely and dont ever talk to me like wtf bad words..

    • Thank you for your insight and for calling us noobs.

      Happy Cheating, OGC Team

  7. you rocks i knows many hacks but i didnt know for this without cheat engine or tsearch

  8. I downloaded wild ones cheat tool and it works fine, without any errors. I recommend this hack for everyone.

  9. Ciao,. di solito sconsiglio Google Chrome a causa dei frequenti crash che avvengono durante l' hack.... :)

    Ciao,. di solito sconsiglio Google Chrome a causa dei frequenti crash che avvengono durante l’ hack…. :)

  10. I don’t know how you do it but this is the best free hack for wild ones.

  11. It’s not a dream. This hack for wild ones works without any troubles. No viruses inside.

  12. i can’t run this wild ones hack. i got lots of errors when I try to launch it. what should I do???

    • I think you should try to run Wild Ones hack tool as administrator (click RMB on the program icon and select “Run as administrator”). You should also download latest version of .NET Framework. I hope it solves your problem.

      • Thank you for the suggestion E. Bailey.

        To Jason: Try what E. Bailey suggest and if this doesn’t solve your problem, email our support and please include exactly what issues are you encountering like what kind of error message are appearing.

        Happy Cheating, OGC Team

  13. if u make a hack using a rpogram but did not give the password, how the fuck do people get to use the stupid program u stupid ass hoe. mother f u

    • You already answer your own question 😀

      Exactly! We do not want everyone to use our Hack! Imagined if everyone else is using this same hack… The game will be ruined! That’s why we just want a few people who are really keen in hacking wild ones to use our program.

      Also as we have said in the post above, if you don’t like to help us by giving a few minutes of your time, why we should help you too?

      Now fuck off!

      Happy Cheating, OGC Team

  14. Thank u soo much broo it really works!!. liked ur page and told all my wild ones frnds to like ur page…:D

  15. I’m very thankful for making this hack. This is totally free and working method.

  16. Hi.. First, very nice hack i like it!. But how do i send gameovernukes? 😀

  17. I hope that this hack tool isn’t dangerous for my computer and it doesn’t include any viruses, trojans or something like that.

    • As I always answer you question like yours:

      You should always scan every program/software you download from internet with your favorite anti virus before opening it.

      Happy Cheating, OGC Team

  18. please add me on Facebook so u can do the hack to my account /. Lindy Scotland

    • HmMm… I think what you are asking is too much! We already created the Bot and all you have to do is a few clicks and you still want us to do that for you? If you can’t follow the very simple instruction presented in the video, I think hacking is not for you.

      Happy Cheating, OGC Team

  19. Yes, it works. This hack tool is compatible with all versions of windows.

  20. Thanks man for this amazing cheat tool. For me it works great. I downloaded it and I didn’t have any problems with this hack.

  21. I run this wild ones hack and I don’t have any troubles with this. THX for sharing it on YT. It works!

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  24. I can’t believe. This cheat tool works great for me. Thanks. I hope that you’ll make more videos with hacks. Definitely, I recommend it.